Dutch startups joined a pitch night @SF New Tech

SF New Tech, the world-renowned platform for technology startups, hosted a startup night last Wednesday that included the Dutch startups Tribe of Noise, Rodeo Software and WeHandcraft. The room was filled with local visitors so the Dutch guests had an exciting and meaningful local experience here in San Francisco. Consul General Hugo von Meijenfeldt was present since the night was powered by, among others, CGSF. He opened the night together with Myles Weissleder, who runs SF New Tech. CE70zUUUkAAYmRy.jpg-large

The three Dutch startups were brought together by Handelsroute.nl, a Dutch organization which organizes trips, events and matchmaking for ambitious entrepreneurs. this particular trip consisted of a week filled with inspiring visits to successful companies and knowledge institutes such as Dropbox and Singularity University.

A shorter value chain for music distribution
The Dutch startup Tribe of Noise is shortening the value chain for music distribution, it is a fast-growing online community which represents over 20.000 artists from 170 countries and supplies music (licenses) to the film, TV, video production, gaming and in-store media industry. Musicians are connected with media professionals and businesses around the world in need for high quality and all rights included music.

The second Dutch company is specifically interesting for horse- and gaming lovers: Rodeo Software. The founders have unique experience and in-depth knowledge of horses and horse sports, which allows them to make realistic 3D computer video games. Also there was a third presentation by WeHandcraft, this company builds efficient handcrafted software solutions for small and medium enterprises, which is done in close contact with the end-user.

All presenting entrepreneurs got the chance to pitch for a large, local, critical an valuable audience, which lead to new connections, a lot of inspiration and many new ideas to take home after this trip. CGSF hopes to welcome them all back in the Bay Area as soon as they are ready to take new steps in this area which is full of opportunities.

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Dutch music professionals mingle in West Hollywood with HHC

The Holland Hollywood Connection created an inspiring Music Night last Tuesday in the Vaucluse Lounge in West Hollywood. This venue is located on the famous rock and roll venue on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and former home to Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan  and was once a Pub owned by legendary rocker, Rod Stewart.1909351_685112588267093_7572746398011360411_o

Reason for this event was the MusExpo, an annual expo in LA that is on top of what is current and relevant in all sectors of today’s music industry. It’s a relevant event for those who are looking to enhance their knowledge and relationships, as well as, access new creative and commercial opportunities.
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UC Berkeley presents new BENELUX program

The-benelux-programwebOur Consul General Hugo von Meijenfeldt got together with the Belgian ambassador Johan Verbeke and the Consul General of Luxembourg, Georges Schmidt, at the University of California in Berkeley last Friday. They discussed their shared history and the role of the Benelux in Europe, and the many ways in which these countries will keep collaborating in the future.

The discussion was part of the presentation of the new BENELUX program at the Institute of European Studies of UC Berkeley. Host of this meeting was Jeroen Dewulf, the director of Berkeley’s Institute of European Studies. The BENELUX Program will support scholarly, cultural, professional and educational activities to encourage cooperation between Berkeley and Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Benelux: the world’s fourth largest export economy
Despite an unexpected power outage the room was filled with an American, Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg audience, both locals and visitors. It was a little dark and the speakers really needed to speak up, but most people probably walked out with more knowledge on the strong position of the Benelux in Europe.

According to Von Meijenfeldt the three themes that bind the three countries are strong economies, sustainability and justice. The countries are small, and yet Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg combined represent the world’s fourth largest export economy. Each of these countries have international courts, and well known knowledge institutes in these countries are known for being progressive in their programs on sustainability and innovation.

According to the initiators of this new program, the importance of the Benelux region in Europe is often underestimated. At once diverse and interconnected, it is a crucial political, legal, academic, and economic nexus in Europe. This program will be one of the ways to create awareness of the strengths of the Benelux. Therefor, one of the objectives of the program is to provide a platform for conferences, colloquia and public lectures on Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in order to disseminate knowledge of and interest in the Benelux countries in California.



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An overview of Dutch King’s Day San Francisco 2015

Another great King’s Day event was celebrated at Murphy Windmill this year. A large crowd of Dutch and Americans colored part of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park orange during this day. A big thank you to all sponsors and volunteers for making this year’s King’s Day a great success!

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Innovative Parks and vibrant cities throughout the world

City Parks Alliance hosted a conference on urban parks, and everything related to it

Urban parks, it might be something many of us take for granted, although it takes a lot of investments, cooperation, urban planning, maintenance and dedicated communities. It was the main topic during  Greater & Greener 2015: Innovative Parks, Vibrant Cities, a conference that was organized by City Parks Alliance and took place in San Francisco last week.

An impression of the opening of the conference:

The conference hosted over one thousand global park leaders, city planning and design professionals, and urban park advocates. An important theme that was addressed during the several sessions that experts from all over the world attended, was the ways in which urban parks enrich our lives: they provide room for exercise, recreation, a place to play with kids and pets, a place for social interaction, space to connect with nature. all in all urban parks create greener, healthier and more pleasant cities.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote this interesting editorial, and confirmed the need for more attention to urban parks:

“Yet our parks are not just a nice amenity woven into the city landscape in the early days (Golden Gate Park was started in 1868). They play an outsized role in the city’s economy and are critical to healthy and happy urban life.”

Impressive Dutch representation
The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco supported this conference, and Consul General Hugo von Meijenfeldt moderated a session about resilient parks where he spoke after Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom. Last Wednesday he hosted the international forum where experts from Saint Petersburg, Beijing, Reykjavik, Toronto, Delft, London and New York shared experiences as they work on the creation and development of greener cities in their own country.

There were two Dutch speakers: Nico Tillie, adviser to the city of Rotterdam on energy, green water, and resiliency strategies. During the conference he shared his insights into how Rotterdam is taking resiliency planning beyond flood prevention and management to use water as an asset that improves the quality of parks, neighborhoods, housing, and even transportation systems.

Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch is a Dutch national based in Sweden, where he holds the post of Head of the department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. During the international forum he showed parts of his research results. One of the facts attendees learned was that urban parks have several economical assets: houses close by urban parks have a higher value than similar homes elsewhere, since buyers are willing to pay more for a home close to a piece of nature in a city. One of the very good reasons for scientists and urban planners to learn more on the added value of well maintained parks in cities.


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