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A delegation from the Netherlands, accompanied by Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, is arriving in Los Angeles this Wednesday where a week-long California economic mission will kick off. The focus of this misison will be on water, energy and sutainablility. From Saturday the 14th the delegation will travel to the San Francisco Bay area, where Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Lilianne Ploumen will join. During the entire week we will keep you posted on news and facts concerning this mission using #NLinCA on Facebook and Twitter.

The LA-leg, from the 11th through Saturday the 14th, will focus on the LA River and Port of LA. There is an all-day LA River-focused workshop between top business, government, and non-profit leaders on Thursday the 12th that builds on a 2013 workshop by the Dutch in LA and a 2014 visit to the Netherlands by Los Angeles officials. On Friday the 13th the delegation will take part in the Global Clean Port Summit at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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California-Netherlands Sustainability Summit in San Francisco
In San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Dutch and Californian delegations will visit several sustainable development projects. The centerpiece of the mission is the California-Netherlands Sustainability Summit, set for Feb. 17 in San Francisco. During this concluding event international leaders across all sectors will showcase examples of smart, sustainable solutions and engage in a practical setting to discuss development solutions.

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco is very much involved in the organization of this unique trade mission, and will be present during many elements of the program. We will post photos and updates on our digital channels regularly to keep you up to date.

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Solar Team Eindhoven came to San Francisco and won ‘the Oscar of Technology’

Solar powered car Stella wins a Chrunchie Award

The world’s first solar powered family car ‘Stella’ won the award for ‘Best Technology Achievement’ during the 8th Annual Crunchie Awards ceremonie, last Thursday night. This award is considered the ‘Oscar of Technology’ with nominees like  Apple Pay, SpaceX lateral booster, Rosetta’s comet landing and the Blockchain (Bitcoin).

Stella was built by only 21 students who are part of Solar Team Eindhoven, with a budget of less than 1.3 million dollars, and was considered the underdog in this category. Stella has won awards before: the car won the World Solar Challenge in 2013, and lead 506 Electric Vehicles to the Guinness World Record for longest Electric Vehicle Parade in 2014.

The proud winners with their Crunchie Award.

The proud winners with their Crunchie Award.

And the winner is……Stella!

After these words Lex Hoefsloot, Roy Cobbenhagen, and Koen van Ham, members of the Solar Team Eindhoven, who traveled to San Francisco especially for the award ceremony,  looked at each other in total disbelief. Lex Hoefsloot, team manager of Solar Team Eindhoven said: ‘Standing here between all these big companies is already an amazing achievement, however winning is a dream come true’.

While the Solar Team Eindhoven members in both San Francisco and Eindhoven were celebrating, the media in the Netherlands were all over this unexpected news. ‘The Stella Solar Powered Family Car wins Oscar for Technology’ is an often cited phrase on multiple national television stations, radio stations and newspapers. As Roy Cobbenhagen, co-founder of Solar Team Eindhoven, said behind stage: ‘Maybe this is finally the momentum we need to achieve our dream of building cars that are free to drive.’

Inspiring next generations

The Stella Solar Powered Car stands in sheer contrast next to all the big companies and the huge amounts of capital present in Silicon Valley. Stella is therefore a perfect example of how Dutch innovations can lead the way towards solving some of society’s main challenges.

 This report was written by Jeroen Aerts, trainee at the Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection



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Holland Hollywood: an increasingly strong connection, ready for 2015

Script writers, actors, film critics, writers of tv formats, journalists and other media professionals gathered in LA last Saturday night because the Holland Hollywood Connection (HHC) kicked off the new year with a successful networking event. Inspiring speakers from the Netherlands and the US shared knowledge and experiences with colleagues, both experienced and newcomers to the media industry.

HHC is a network platform linking the Dutch and American film, music, media and entertainment sector. With events like these, the network facilitates knowledge exchange and cross-border collaboration. HHC has existed for four years now, and is still growing and attracting more professionals to participate in the network.

The HHC new year's event in LA, last Saturday.

The HHC new year’s event in LA, last Saturday.

This evening was hosted by Rene Mioch, film journalist and producer. First he presented the new HHC-chairwoman Madelon Olsthoorn, who is taking over from George Freriks. Next, Mioch interviewed a few inspiring colleagues in the industry, and Ard van der Vorst, who attended on behalf of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco. Van der Vorst emphasized how great the business opportunities are in LA for Dutch ambitious media workers, and how a network like HHC can be a great help for anyone who wants to learn more about doing business in the area.

Attendees got an insight in the experiences of film maker Marieke Niestadt and Gregory Sieradzan, who is the managing director of Beat Brokers Inc, and learned how important knowing experienced people in the business is from CCO of Eyeworks USA. The organization looks back on a successful evening, and looks forward to increasing the successes of HHC in the new year.

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The Dutch car that runs on the sun might be crowned the Biggest Technology Achievement of the year

Solar Powered Car Stella is competing with Apple and SpaceX for a Crunchie Award

Solar Team Einhoven managed to be listed among Apple Pay, The Block Chain, Rosetta Mission’s Comet Landing and SpaceX Lateral Booster. These are all the nominees  in the category Biggest Technology Achievement of the annual Chrunchies Awards, announced by TechCrunch and VentureBeat. They refer to the awards as the Oscars of the startup and technology world. On February 5 we’ll know if the Solar Team can call itself the winner with their Solar powered car Stella.

Till the end of this month it is possible to vote online daily, and help increase the chances of this revolutionary car. The rules state that you may vote once per day, per award category, until voting closes on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at 11:59 p.m.

The Stella-team recently traveled up Highway 1 from L.A. to San Francisco, and TechCrunch met up with them in SF to check out Stella:

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Introducing Gociety to the US: the smartphone for active and independent seniors

Dutch startup Gociety is already successfully introduced in Europe and is now bringing its software to the United States.  In September the company participated in the Digital Health Bootcamp organized by the NOST and HIT of the Dutch Consulate General in San Francisco. In November, the company was selected for the Aging 2.0 Academy: a year-long program for promising startups in aging and long-term care. During that year the companies will be supported by Aging2.0 and Google Entrepreneurs to help them grow in the United States.

Gociety enables seniors to connect to the world around them more easily. The company creates software for smartphones for active and independent seniors: GoLivePhone and GoLiveAssist. One of the founders, Frank Verbeek, was at the Consulate General to explain us more about his products.

‘Active seniors are healthy seniors’, cofounder Frank Verbeek says. ‘80.000 Dutch seniors need to go to ER annually after falling down, which is one of the things we want to find a solution for. In the Netherlands this leads to the death of 2.000 seniors per year.’ ‘If you realize that the average fall costs 9.000 euro’s, you can imagine that the possibility of reducing healthcare is worth exploring’, Verbeek explains. ‘In the United States we are talking about one percent of the total healthcare costs and that’s why we want to introduce Gociety to America.’

GoLivePhone and GoLiveAssist

The first product is the GoLivePhone, a personalized smartphone that assists seniors in their daily activities. ‘Seniors can easily stay in touch with their family members, friends and professional caregivers without losing their independence’, Verbeek says. ‘The software is a co-creation of 15 seniors between the age of 55 and 95 and is therefore extremely user-friendly and personalized.’

The other side of the story is GoLiveAssist. This web app connects caregivers to the seniors who use GoLivePhone. Family, friends or professional caregivers can remotely monitor and provide support. ‘It gives caregivers the necessary peace of mind’, Verbeek says. They can track the location of the users of the app, maintain their contact list, manage medication and monitor activity.


Intelligent activity monitor

Intelligent fall detection

Intelligent fall detection











‘Because of our software family members can now see how active grandma is, where she’s been, help her adding contacts, add the latest family pictures on her phone, or send reminders when she forgot to take her medication,’ Verbeek explains. ‘Caregivers can efficiently support seniors from a distance.’

The company is already active in Europe, especially in South Europe where they work together with mobile networkoperators. ‘In the US we want to mainly focus on the Walmarts and providers in the world. The trend is accessible healthcare for everyone. We want to become the companion for seniors in the United States.’




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