Visas are an important part of the preparation of setting up a business. According to Ron Rose, the first step is knowing what activities you want to do in the United States. Depending on your plans, you need to obtain the correct visa. Following is a list of the most relevant types of visas:

1)      B-1 Business Visa
Not allowed to work
Can perform “business-related” activities
Valid for 6 months

2)      E-2 Investors Visa
For people who made a “substantial” investment in a U.S.-based company
Allowed to “direct and develop” that company
Valid for 2 years, extendable

3)      L-1 Intracompany Transfer
For people who are transferred within the company from the Netherlands to the U.S.
Allowed to work
Valid for 1 Year if a new office in the U.S.; otherwise valid for 3 years, extendable up to 7 years maximum

4)      H-1 Worker Visa
Requires a “sponsor” (must be a U.S.-based company)
A limited number available every year; application timing is essential
Allowed to work
Valid for 3 years, extendable up to 6 years

5)      J-1 Internship Visa
For international students who do an internship in the U.S.
Allowed to do an internship
Valid for duration of internship

6)      Visa Waiver
Essentially for tourists and visitors
Not allowed to work or perform “business-related” activities
Valid for 3 months, not extendable


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