Dutch Companies in Silicon Valley

Many Dutch companies and executives have successfully established themselves in Silicon Valley. Here you will find a list of just some of the Dutch (or Dutch-led) companies in Silicon Valley.

Featured Profiles

Elleke Bal, journalist for The Intelligent Optimist, sat down with several of these companies to learn a bit more about their success stories. Read about them in our Featured Profiles section.

Economic Ties: California and the Netherlands

The existing trade partnership between the Netherlands and the US has created over 60,000 jobs in the state of California alone supporting over 150,000 California households. The Netherlands are the 6th largest investor and are California’s 9th largest export market. Each year California imports over 1 billion dollars worth of goods from the Netherlands and exports for over 4 billion dollars. In the United States over 650,000 people have jobs because of the close economic ties both countries share. It simply is a partnership that works.

More statistics on the influence of Dutch businesses and a more comprehensive list of Dutch companies in California can be found on the Economic Ties website.

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