Holland in the Valley interviewed Ronald Rose, Partner in the Palo Alto-based firm at Rose, Carson, Kaplan, Choi & White LLP, about his experience working with international professionals and entrepreneurs. He shared a few key pieces of advice to help avoid some common mistakes in the process.



Multi-step Process
Establishing a business in Silicon Valley requires a lot of preparation. Rose therefore recommends that you approach it as a multi-step process, making several exploratory trips and doing all the required research and preparation before choosing to move your business here.

In order to prevent hassle and delays, come prepared with proper and sufficient documentation. The three most important groups of documents necessary to support your visa application are: 1) education documents, including degrees and transcripts; 2) documents proving your previous work experience (ie., contract, pay stubs); and 3) documentation of professional accomplishments, including prizes, awards, and publications.

Common Mistakes

Coming Unprepared
You cannot just fly to Silicon Valley and expect to conquer it in 6 weeks. Investors and business partners need to make a serious commitment. Having an established, successful business in the Netherlands helps to establish your credibility.

Getting the Wrong Visa
The type of visa you obtain determines which activities you are legally allowed to perform in the United States. For example, you cannot do productive work while in the USA on a Visa Waiver visa.  You can however attend business-related conferences and engage in business networking activities while on a Visa Waiver program. Review the list of visas here to be sure you select the one most appropriate for your needs.

Useful Links

Visas  – A list provided by Ron Rose of the most commonly-used visas
Government Website
– US government website about visa and applications
Immihelp – Independent website containing detailed information about visa


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