2013 Startup Bootcamp Participants

Meet the participants for the 2013 Startup Bootcamp in New York.

eFaqt helps users study textbooks better and faster up to 60%. Works for each textbook and each article in the world and gets used by students, schools and companies.

IQNOMY helps organizations to offer a valuable online social media experience and to improve the online engagement of their audience.

Plot is a location based marketing plugin for apps. It allows app publishers to reach out to users of their app based on user location and time.

20/20 vision20/20 vision Europe is a software company in the budget2pay business. 20/20 vision provides a world class procurement solution that automates the invoice, purchase and contract management process.

Dayview is an innovative worldwide news service. It filters and analyses all the news that is relevant to you, from endless sources, 100% automatically.

Nanotronics builds the essential tools for building a Quantum Computer.

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