NYC Startup Bootcamp 2013 Wrap-up

In June 2013 six high potential Dutch startup companies traveled to New York City to participate in the very first NYC Startup Bootcamp! The Holland in the Valley Startup Bootcamp is an initiative of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco who held its fifth annual bootcamp this year.

Inspired by such practices in San Francisco, and seeing that New York is second to Silicon Valley as technology hub with many emerging high-tech startups and venture capital, it was clear that NYC was in need of a Startup Bootcamp as well! The Startup Bootcamp is an intensive four-day program designed to equip a select group of innovative startups from the Netherlands with the necessary tools and skills to make their businesses successful. The program aims to link the Netherlands (with cities such as Amsterdam and Eindhoven being European high-tech hubs) to the two biggest tech hubs in the USA; New York and San Francisco.

Out of more than 40 applications, participants for both bootcamps were selected by an independent jury composed of New York and San Francisco tech experts, venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs.

The NYC Startup Bootcamp was geared to exposing these growth companies to the Silicon Alley eco-system and best practices by way of a series of workshops, pitch training sessions, meetings with other growth companies, entrepreneurs, investors and other peers from NYC Tech industry.  The program gave the startups the opportunity to meet, and be inspired by, such Silicon Alley insiders from Foursquare, Bloomberg, Shapeways, Etsy, Karma, Bwise, Wayside Technology, Nasdaq, Columbia University, The Global Executive, and many more. The program provided the kind of inspiration that will not only facilitate their own success, but it is likely that the tools and skills will also be transferred to other entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and beyond which will facilitate further development of their businesses as well.

The Dutch Demo Night at Wework in Soho on the final day of the bootcamp constituted the grand finale of the week. The Dutch Demo Night gave the participants the opportunity to take the floor and present themselves in 3-minute pitches, bringing together all that they had learned in the preceding days. This session was open for anyone interested in the know-how on start-up businesses. The jury and the audience fired several tough questions at the participants, who all managed to respond quite well! Although everyone did a great job, the jury chose Plot as winner of the first NYC Dutch Demo Night.

With the last day of the NYC Startup Bootcamp coming to an end, all participants commented positively on their experiences; the event managed to surpass their expectations! Overall, it has indeed been a successful and very exciting program, which has made clear that high tech industry is a rapidly emerging market and is now increasingly on the forefront on the East Coast.  We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the first NYC Startup Bootcamp, which has hopefully marked the beginning of an annually recurring event!

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