Next that the Netherlands is a great land to live in is it also a great spot for startups. It is one of Europe most-wired countries and a great breeding ground for new tech companies. There is more and more startup activity in the Netherlands and quite a number of international tech companies are moving there to use the country as their base point to the rest of Europe.

“We selected Amsterdam as our European location because of its international climate and quality of life.” | Mr. Joon Kim, Director of Operations, Perfect World Europe

The country has a very international mindset of doing business. Especially Amsterdam can be seen as the creative heart of Europe; most of the major advertising and digital agencies have their European headquarters in Amsterdam. Furthermore, many big media companies are there too and they attract a lot of media, marketing and creative talent from around the world.

“The Network Access Point of Amsterdam will enhance our ability to provide the secure and highly sophisticated solutions customers have come to expect from us.”  | Kerry Bailey, President,Terremark (a Verizon company)

The Netherlands is an excellence place for companies which rely on big data and need a fast internet connection. The Netherlands are digitally well developed, they have for instance the highest smart phone adaption in Europe and there is high speed internet everywhere; the Amsterdam Internet exchange is one of the fastest hubs in the world, this since the transatlantic cables surface in Amsterdam. Small wonder companies from Activision, Cisco, EA Games and Equinix to IBM, Layar, Nintendo and Oracle have successful operations in the Netherlands.

“The Netherlands offers a number of clear advantages … including a high level of education and in-depth technical knowledge, linguistic aptitude and the multinational trade spirit of the Dutch.”  | Ulrika Carlsson, Director of Finance, CISCO

Additionally, the educational level in the Netherlands is high; the Netherlands has a lot of creative talent, internationally oriented people and people with technical IT-skills. This is way it is not that hard to find talented employees.

Combining all this creativity and technology made the Netherlands the forefront of a rapidly shifting technology environment for IT companies. There are approximate 26.000 IT-related companies in the Netherlands, a various mixture of international and Dutch companies involved in everything from augmented reality, apps and mobile technologies to games development, software and hardware to web design cloud computing and datacenters to infrastructure and Internet hosting.

Also the Dutch market is very adaptive and open to new technology; this makes it a great pilot market. After having success in the Netherlands, the step to other European countries is not that big, but there markets can be multiple times bigger. The legal and regulatory framework of the Netherland makes it easy to expand in Europe and it encourages business competitiveness, and just a venue from which it is relatively easy to do business.

The Netherlands has an advantageous tax structure that stimulates entrepreneurship and foreign investment. And to further stimulate R&D activities, the Netherlands introduced the Innovation box which features an effective tax rate of just 5% on proceeds derived from intangible assets for which patents or R&D statements have been granted or are pending.

Different than other European industries, the Dutch ICT market is growing substantially each year – with an annual turnover of 30 billion euro (40 billion dollar) that amounts to 5% of the Dutch GDP. ICT is responsible for 20% of the economic growth, 70% of all innovation and provides well over 250.000 jobs. Total R&D expenditure equals 31% of all R&D in the Netherlands..



Holland’s socially progressive attitude has made Amsterdam a thriving tech hub. The city supports startups with affordable studio space.



An augmented reality platform. Recently received €10m investment.



A digital-business-card app that integrates LinkedIn and geolocation.



A web messenger service with over 17 million unique monthly visitors.

Hotel booking website and iOS app with hotels in 101 countries.



A system to back up and sync contacts across devices.



Media-sharing platform, enabling photos, video and audio uploads.



Simple free platform for transferring up to 2GB image, video or audio files, with branding and expansion options for companies willing to pay $120 a year.



A website and app that translates trending global topics on Twitter.



Allows web creators to gather and display content from many sources.



Weband app-based jukebox that posts daily playlists made by Dutch DJs.

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