Events: OdeNow Presents Financial Innovation 2.0 with Arkadi Kuhlmann of ING Direct

The world is changing at a meteoric rate, says ING Direct CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann. No longer can organizations spend years developing new products, getting everything right the first time. Today’s leaders need to make quick decisions that maximize new possibilities as they arise. Look at ING Direct, Facebook, Apple and Google. Leaders must be both business people and artists, comfortable making innovative decisions in the face of ambiguity, and these new ways of operating must be embedded in the cultural DNA of their organizations.

Hear ING Direct CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann speak to how these leadership philosophies challenged the financial services world even as they served to drive ING Direct. Then join our conversation with Kuhlmann about how to meld culture and finance and take your work in the world to a new level.

For more information and to register for this event please visit OdeNow’s website.

Read Ode’s interview, “Thinking outside the bank” with Mr. Kuhlmann.

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