Startup Bootcamp Program

Monday October 20th

Tuesday October 21th

  • Meet Pascal Finette at Singularity University
  • Lunch meeting with Arthur van Hoff, ‘How to Pitch to VC’s’
  • ‘How to set up an office in the US’ at Bootup Ventures
  • Insights on website’s advertising business models
  • Dinner at Google Campus

Wednesday October 22th

  • BootstrapLabs
  • SEO-workshop by Head of Global SEO, Airbnb
  • “Your first US Customer” – Matchmaking
  • Startups Pitch Selection

Thursday October 23rd

  • Bastiaan Janmaat, founder Datafox
  • Jacco van der Kooij
  • Angels & VC Pitch Night: RSVP here!

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Previous Years

2013 Startup Bootcamp
2012 Startup Bootcamp

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