2014 Startup Bootcamp Participants

The following eleven startups were chosen from more than sixty applications to participate in the 2014 Holland in the Valley Startup Bootcamp

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Tiqets

Tiqets-logo-bootcamp-participant 2014 Tiqets provides a service through API and whitelabel integration that makes it possible for travel companies to easily sell  entertainment to their customers.

Clients are travel agencies, hotel-chains and airlines. In addition, travelers themselves find an overview of all kinds of activities in the cities they’re traveling to, which can immediately be bought on the website.
Tiqets’ technology is unique in the world: real-time data from several hundreds of entertainment companies and millions of tickets are distributed to travelers worldwide, through its partners.

Tiqets CEO Luuc Elzinga will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Equidam

equidam logo-bootcamp-participant 2014As an online self-service platform, Equidam offers entrepreneurs and investors a streamlined process for the valuation-negotiation of SME’s. It combines three simple questionnaires  with the top valuation methods, which produce a transparent valuation report. In addition to being accurate and instantaneous, it aims to be affordable for startups and small businesses.

Equidam Founder/CPO Daniel Faloppa and Co-Founder/CEO Gianluca Valentini will attend the Bootcamp.
Equidam was featured on Forbes in September 2014.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Picqer

Picqer-bootcamp-participant 2014Picqer Warehouse Management Software enables customers to manage all their orders, picklists, shipments, products and inventory. Picqer WMS integrates seamlessly with webshops, parcel services and accounting software, to avoid having to re-enter data. The Picqer WMS is based on a cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model which includes all cloud-based infrastructure, the Picqer WMS, as well as software upgrades and system support at no additional cost. A full integration will take customers 2 hours to set up, without other help needed.

Picqer Founder Casper Bakker will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Monyq

Monyq-bootcamp-participant 2014Monyq develops handy things for your finances. It wants to free people from out-dated banking by empowering them with handy tools for their finances. One of these tools is a simple document archive where users can file contracts, invoices, policies etc simply by making a photo of them with Monyq’s App. Another example is the Timeline which reminds users that a warranty is running out or that they need to cancel a subscription. The company will also offer its own debit card which will help people keep track of costs and allow them to spend more on things that really matter to them.

Monyq Founder Igor Kluin will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, LiquiDNS

LiquiDNS-bootcamp-participant 2014 LiquiDNS is a brand-new authoritative record-monitoring, load-balancing, next-generation managed DNS service. The base of LiquiD is a DNS solution, comprising of a core AI and 2(+) DNS responders. iquiD’s configuration, maintenance and reliability are best in the industry. It monitors all of your records, so it knows which one is best to serve at any time and is easy to configure. Features are an open API, Openstack integration and global infrastructure.

LiquiDNS Founder Davide Semenzin will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Cupenya

cupenya-bootcamp-participant 2014Cupenya is driven by the mission to create smart and accessible business analytics solutions, that every decision maker can use. It provides an innovative cloud-based product to monitor, manage and optimize a company’s business processes through intelligent real-time analytics. Cupenya is committed to developing software that is exclusively designed to be used by business people; the company is founded on the belief that powerful analytics can be optimally applied only when they are put in hand of those members of an organization, who are aware of the business context behind the numbers. It has two offices – in Amsterdam and in Dallas.

Cupenya Co-Founder Dominik Blattner will attend the Bootcamp. Dominik has written on the Cupenya blog regarding his participation.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, WUA!

WUA-bootcamp-participant 2014WUA! is the market-leader in online conversion benchmarking. It offers a global perspective on online conversion by benchmarking in 15 key countries, which offers customers such as Microsoft, Samsung and Google the needed insights into why people decide or decline to buy on their websites.

A dedicated team of experts and respondents assesses and ranks thousands of websites every year, based on the end-user experience. The results give clients direct understanding of potential changes and improvements to their online sales and services, and their ranking position relative to their competitors.

WUA! Founder/CEO Klaas Kroezen and Director Daan Tames will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Seezers

Seezers-bootcamp-participant 2014Seezers is an online platform that jumpstarts innovation by crowdsourcing fresh insights. Companies can upload  questions related to their Product Development and R&D, for which the crowd can offer its answers and ideas. The three best ideas win  a monetary reward. This way, it offers a high volume of KISS-able feedback to any type of product development question imaginable. Seezers works quickly and is tremendously effective – Nowhere else are companies able to work with their markets so easily.

Seezers Founder Emiel Pegge will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Company Match

CompanyMatch-bootcamp-participant 2014CompanyMatch identifies, typifies and matches employers with candidates based on their cultural fit. It strongly believes employees are at their best, happiest and most productive when they are involved with a company that best matches their personal needs, interests and values.

CompanyMatch’s platform is available and free of charge for all job seekers. It operates on a tried and tested business model, with companies paying an annual fee to make use of our CompanyMatch’s available services. Employers embed the CompanyMatch widget into their career sites. Jobseekers simply add their CompanyMatch to their resume when they apply. CompanyMatch.me represents clients like: Philips, KPMG, Deloitte, Unilever, Aegon, Henkel, ASML.

CompanyMatch Founder Bjorn Veenstra and Operations Manager David van Driel will attend the Bootcamp.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, Pauline van Dongen

Wearable-Solar-bootcamp-participant 2014Wearable Solar infuses fashion with technology and aims to innovate the traditional craftsmanship of its profession. Pauline is one of the very few fashion designers that works with various industries and disciplines, to reach true innovation in the emerging wearable tech market. She is able to combine fashion and technology in a wearable and desirable way, by which her designs  transcend the realm of gadgets – and connect to the  market instead. Wearable Solar is one of her recent and most famous projects, which became a finalist at SXSW Accelerator 2014. Wearable Solar’s

Founder Pauline van Dongen will attend the bootcamp.

Pauline van Dongen was featured on CNN Money and Techcrunch.

HitV14 Bootcamp Participant, iLost

iLost-bootcamp-participant 2014iLost is the online solution for for lost & found items. It connects “finders”, such as hotels, amusement parks, school and transportation companies, to “losers”, anyone who’s lost something. People are able to check online whether their item is found and can have it delivered to their home via iLost’s website.

iLost Founder & CEO Hanneke Stegweg will join the Bootcamp, she has written on the iLost blog regarding the bootcamp.

iLost was featured on sprout.nl and nrcq.nl (in Dutch). Named Startup of the Week by NRCQ, “The Google of Lost Items”.

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