Authasas is a software solution provider that is dedicated to delivering multi-purpose and strong authentication software for today’s challenging global business environment.  Founded by a team of entrepreneurs that have decades of experience, their mission is to develop and build advanced authentication products that are secure, usable, and easy to manage. Authasas has certified partnerships with Microsoft, NetIQ, Novell, CA, and Oracle. Authasas has certified strong authentication integration with HID, Lumidigm, Apple/Authentec to name a few.

Menno Stijl has lead and managed numerous large and complex software development, product and project management teams for most of his career. Menno’s background includes successfully bringing technology to market, including biometrics, smart card- and PKI-solutions, VOIP-telecom services, large scale internet and intranet deployments, and other innovative technology implementations. He has successfully established service and support organizations for a number of ICT-products and -services. He is co-founder of Authasas BV, which focuses primarily on authentication and information security service delivery.

CYCLODEO is a web service that allows you to take virtual bike rides by replaying real rides created and shared by other cyclists all around the world. HD videos, recorded by the cycling community, are synchronized with the corresponding GPS tracks and placed on a map. With this video documentation, visitors can experience what it is like to be a cyclist on a particular route, directly via their web browser. In other words, people can explore cities from the comfort of their homes, cyclists can preview their rides, and cities can promote themselves in a new way.

Currently, Cyclodeo is focusing on the mobility industry by targeting bicycle friendly cities. The start-up is generating revenue and was officially launched in September 2012 in collaboration with Eindhoven region, Eindhoven city, and Helmond. Since 2013, the service has also been available in Copenhagen and New York.

Cyclodeo founder Samir Bendida grew up in Paris and moved to the Netherlands in 2007. Starting as an electrical engineer, he set out to make a career in the semiconductor industry. When his company got hit by the recession, his job tasks were no longer offering him the challenge and opportunity for growth he was looking for. Seeing colleagues with decades of experience being fired made him reconsider his long term future. The Cyclodeo concept was born out of his passion for traveling and adventures. To pursue his calling, Samir resigned from his position and has since embarked on a very challenging ride full of surprises.

Plants have a fundamental role in our society. They provide us with food and form the basis for clothes, medicine, and bio-fuel. The latest available figures by the World Trade Organization estimate the global plant industry turnover to be close to 3 trillion USD. Around 400,000 different types of plants are traded daily by over 9 million companies across the globe. FlorAccess is a global trade platform optimized for the horticulture industry that connects buyers and suppliers throughout the horticulture business chain. FlorAccess was founded in 2009 and has spent close to three years developing the platform, together with leading players from the industry.

Ewoud Goorts is founder and VP of Product at FlorAccess. He started selling vegetables from his yard at age ten and has been involved in horticulture industry ever since. The idea for FlorAccess was born in Ethiopia during his studies of International Business. He conducted research for the Agricultural Economic Research Institute of Wageningen University in the form of a feasibility study for the Ethiopian floriculture industry Market Information System (MIS). After spending time in Russia for his studies, where the urge for an MIS was acknowledged by local businesses, Ewoud decided to drop out and commit himself fully to the development of FlorAccess.

Holland Haptics is “the social touch company,” as they put it. It enables anyone to hold hands through the internet, using a computer, and personal accessory (consumer product). The company was founded in June 2012, after a successful Friends & Family round. The company is staffed by three employees. There’s a working prototype of their concept, and they expect to ship the 0-series summer 2013. They have just opened their A Series round.

Arun Sadhashivan has several years of experience in financing and engineering roles. He has helped 4 entrepreneurs start up their companies. He is Chief Finance, HR person, and responsible for legal, fiscal and administrative matters.

MTreader is an app that increases the user’s reading speed, comprehension, and reading comfort. Their algorithm allows anyone to read twice as fast from screens without any extra effort and with better comprehension. Based on years of experience in brain improvement, MTreader developed an algorithm that makes reading from screens easier and more comfortable, which results in faster reading with better comprehension.

MTreader is a subsidiary of MTcompany B.V. MTcompany is the Dutch specialist in Speed Reading and has trained over 68,000 people, including fortune 500 companies, and several universities.

Mark Tigchelaar is founder and managing director of MTcompany. Mark is a brain expert and has written 3 books on speed reading. He has been an entrepreneur for over 9 years. Mark: “What would happen if every knowledge worker, from student to medical staff, can read twice the amount of articles in the same time, with a better comprehension? People can reach much more of their potential with this software. We expect this software to be the further of digital reading. It’s our ambition to be the #1 app in reading.”

Notificare is a powerful platform for smarter push notifications on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or any other device. Notificare enables app builders and brands to engage with their users in a smart and meaningfulway, by providing them rich and interactive messages. This allows them to be relevant in theircommunication and increase customer retention in apps and services. Notificare was founded by Joel Oliveira (CPO), Joris Verbogt (CTO) and Robert Leefmans (CEO) in the spring of 2012. They envisioned a platform that would bridge the gap between the virtual world and physical, connected devices.

CEO and cofounder Robert Leefmans has 15 years of experience in leading a digital agency, Mangrove. Robert is best described as a marketing victim tech savvy design lover, who likes to run in and outside the office.

Joel Oliveira (CPO) is a software engineer from Porto Portugal. Since 1999, he has been developing Content Management Systems, websites and later on iPhone and Android apps. He eventually sold his company to start working for Mangrove. He is a father of two, an inventor wannabe, who loves soccer and good red wine. is the new and free recruitment system for companies looking to improve and take direct control over their recruitment activities. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy-to-use online recruitment system. provides all the information and tools companies may need to create an effortless recruiting process. Customers can track and manage their applicants anytime, anywhere. For free! was founded in January 2013. After an overwhelming market introduction of the public beta version of in February 2013, they are welcoming new customers from all over the globe on a daily basis.

Nearly his entire professional career, Wouter Goedhart, co-founder and partner, has worked in the recruitment and recruitment advertisement industry. After his studies in Management, Economics and Law, Wouter worked in several recruitment positions before he co-founded VONQ in 2006, the specialist in online recruitment advertisement. In January 2013 he co-founded, where he takes ownership for business strategy and operations. Wouter was awarded Best Dutch Entrepreneur in 2012.

Remy Verhoeven, co-founder and partner, is the technical mastermind behind As partner at, Remy focusses his energy on making an unforgettable and enjoyable recruitment experience. After his studies in computer Science, he worked in several IT and program management functions before he co-founded VONQ in 2006. Remy received the award for Best Dutch Entrepreneur in 2012.

As co-founder partner at, Tycho van Paassen spends most of his time on strategic alliances.  With his Business Economics background, Tycho has always focused on exploring business opportunities and introducing to the wider market. Tycho holds a similar position at VONQ, where he is also responsible for strategic acquisitions. Tycho received the Dutch award for Best Entrepreneur in 2012.

Readmore is a website that allows people and organizations to start their own magazine. The magazines can be read on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Readmore adds relevant advertisements to the online magazine, and shares the advertising revenue with the magazine creator. In short, Readmore helps small organizations bring first class online publishing directly to their readers. Readmore was founded in 2011. In its first year, Readmore was part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubator. Readmore currently powers over 5,000 magazines and is growing rapidly.

Mick Niepoth is the founder of Readmore. He started the company during his studies in Amsterdam.

SimGas designs and markets innovative biogas and sanitation systems for households in (sub) tropical regions. SimGas’ high quality mass-producible biogas systems make affordable and clean energy available for millions of households, improve lives, and contribute to the reduction of deforestation and carbon emissions. SimGas BV was founded in May 2009 by two brothers: Sanne and Mirik Castro. Their goal is to prove that social entrepreneurship is profitable. SimGas engages in product development and investment in the field of agriculture and basic utilities. SimGas has strong ties with the biogas community via its respectable Board of Advisors.

Sanne Castro co-founded SimGas in 2009 with his brother Mirik. Inspiration for the company emerged from Sanne’s Master’s thesis research, which addressed the feasibility of large-scale biogas systems in Tanzania and Ghana. His master’s degree from TU Delft in Energy Systems Engineering focused on sustainable energy systems. Sanne has in-depth technical knowledge on biogas and the market for biogas systems.  He manages business activities for SimGas in both the Netherlands and East Africa and the intended business expansion to Asia. Sanne is responsible for SimGas’s product development and technology implementation.

Susteq’s main goal is to sustain the water flow in developing countries. Susteq’s customers are existing commercial- and development organizations that value improvement of living conditions of end-users in communities. Currently, it is highly challenging for these organizations to collect water-usage fees to keep water systems running. Susteq offers technology to provide individual end-users access to water with digital wallets using RFID technology and money transferred by mobile phones. Susteq has two employees; Founder Marten, responsible for business strategy and technology, and Leonie for public relations and administrative activities. Susteq was founded in the summer of 2012 and currently has three European customers active in Kenya and Tanzania. Susteq lives up to its slogan for these organizations: “Sustain your flow.”

Marten Susebeek has a background in business administration and mechanical engineering. During his master’s assignment for Philips in Ghana, he was triggered by the potential of bridging demand for water and willingness of people to pay a small fee for it. This idea led to the founding of Susteq.

Niels Siskens holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. Within the Susteq team, he co-ordinates the Front-End with the Back-end and focuses on a system that soon will be able to manage thousands of transactions every hour. Eventually, Susteq will offer its customers direct insight into the consumption of water, as well as any maintenance needed. Niels has been part of Startup teams before, but considers Susteq the most exciting project he has ever been a part of.

Translin built the first global mobile interpreting platform, providing instant remote access to live interpreting services and connecting people around the world. Certified interpreters can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop anywhere in the world at any time. Visual support is provided by Skype and other Video Conferencing solutions. Translin consists of a professional team of certified interpreters, developers, and business strategists to bring disruptive innovation to the way interpreting services are provided. Led by founder and CEO Margrite Heeg, the team launched the platform for the interpreters in October 2012. Since January 2013, the platform is available to customers.

Margrite Heeg, founder and CEO of Translin started as an interpreter, but became a digital entrepreneur with a keen interest in the language industry. Sparked by the fact that Mubarak’s speech during the Arab Spring was not interpreted on Dutch National television and by the quick development of online video from ‘nice to have’ to ‘need to have’ tool, she decided that the traditional interpreters industry should embrace new technologies in order to have access to the global market place. The idea of the first mobile interpreting service was born.

Wim Bertram believes that being interesting is about being interested. He has a background in creative management. In the mid-90s he founded SQR Amsterdam, pioneers in digital communication. As strategist, UX, and content expert he helps leading brands and start-ups achieving their goals.

Finding reliable information can take a massive amount of time, especially when that information is outside of your comfort zone. You will want to rely on expert knowledge. ZEEF helps consumers find the most relevant (SEO & spam free) links by subject and category. ZEEF provides experts the tools to broadcast their sources of information on their subject. The quality of the information is maintained through expert rating, performance, and statistics within and outside ZEEF. The curated links blocks of these experts are ideal for mobile devices. High-density quality information on any given subject and category can be delivered on any device. Zeef validated that 70% of their respondents preferred expert ranking over Google search algorithm ranking.

CEO Klaas Joosten holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1999, Klaas co-founded M4N, the first and biggest Dutch affiliate network platform. M4N’s core development team developed ZEEF. M4N was sold successfully to Zanox AG in June 2011. Klaas worked on ZEEF for many years and closely monitored all performance and revenue streams within the competing business models of the affiliate industry.

Robin Eggenkamp holds two Master’s degrees in, respectively, Software Engineering and Science Education & Communication. He joined M4N as a developer in 2007, was a Computer Science teacher at Het Baarnsch Lyceum, and is now managing the ZEEF development team. He is still developing software himself, and has a profound knowledge of iOS and mobile development.

Frido van Driem is responsible for expert recruitment and business development at ZEEF. He holds an MscBA degree in Chinese Economics and Business from RSM Erasmus University. He lived in Hangzhou and worked for TaoBao at the business intelligence department (Chinese Amazon equivalent). Before joining ZEEF, he was responsible for setting up the B2B market for

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