2012 Startup Bootcamp Participants

Aito Touch perfects the interaction between users and products, ensuring a fluid experience. Piezo electric touch elements, together with the Aito Chip, enable intuitive, interactive and low power touch technology that can be used with any material. www.aito-interactive.com

Medical visualisation company Clinical Graphics develops software to support clinical decisions of orthopaedic surgeons. A cloud-service company, Clinical Graphics allows clinicians to upload their scan data to the website from anywhere in the world which can then be processed to produce interactive 3D PDF reports. www.clinicalgraphics.com

CooCoolu is a web-based tool that helps students and bloggers explain complicated concepts, ideas and theories using infographic-style visualisations. www.coocoo.lu

EmulTech is a contract development organization for drug delivery systems. Since its inception in 2009, the company has been dedicated to assisting its customers in becoming or maintaining the position of market leader in their therapeutic area. With their patented microfluidic technology, they provide innovative solutions for drug delivery system development programs, resulting in products with a better therapeutic effect, fewer side effects and better patient compliance. www.emultech.nl

Jet-Stream is the award-winning market leader in Content Delivery Network technologies and intelligence, producing business intelligence and strategy insights through white papers, an online blog, on CDN-related events and through consulting services. www.jet-stream.com

Muzikool is an online music discovery service offering visual tools for developing playlists and recommendations with the potential to make a big impact on the global music market by changing user behaviour in consuming music. www.muzikool.com

PersuasionAPI helps companies increase conversion by personalizing content to the specific preferences of individual customers. Instead of tailoring WHAT is offered to each consumer, the PersuasionAPI allows you to dynamically alter HOW you communicate in real time. www.persuasionapi.com

Planspot is an all-in-one event marketing tool to run campaigns across multiple channels. An event created on Planspot is directly published to social media, Media Partners and press. Planspot fetches all tweets, comments and attendees, enabling organizers to actively engage and promote their events on social media. www.planspot.com

Prooflink was founded in September 2010 as a platform designed to help organizations to recognize, track and reward their most loyal customers within different online channels, including web, mobile and social. www.prooflink.com

Screvo develops proprietary screeningtechnology that optimizes animal experiments for the benefit of biomedical discovery. Vers3D, the company’s revolutionary first product, is a system of wells that harbor 36 experimental conditions in one animal, making it a unique product for the cell and tissue culture market. www.screvo.net

Social Mining has developed a product that makes it possible to automatically create and manage online advertising campaigns for Google AdWords. With this product, advertisers get up to triple digit growth (300%+) in revenue from online campaigns. www.social-mining.com

Talmundo is an international spin-off of the successful Dutch serious game and e-learning company, Bedrijfssimulaties. Talmundo develops and implements innovative learning concepts, typically for large international organizations. www.talmundo.com

Twitcident offers a new way of filtering the social web to obtain real-time intelligence and to enhance public safety. Working in partnership with Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Applied Scientific Research Institute (TNO), Twitcident combines state-of-the-art research, extensive domain knowledge and entrepreneurship to deliver products to support early warning and crisis management. www.twitcident.com

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