2011 Startup Bootcamp Participants


AdaInVivo is an organization that provides certification for companies and partner institutions. AdaInVivo online


Antagonist offers easy, quick, and cheap web hosting solutions. The company boasts over 50,000 satisfied customers and growing. www.antagonist.nl


Appappeal is a comprehensive directory of web apps offering quality reviews and comparisons so customers can discover the best web apps. Apps are ranked by worldwide popularity. www.appapeal.com


Calender42 developed a calendar app that allows you to plan meetings as a team with up-to-date information neatly organized in a single screen. It’s innovative and interactive from a single click ETA-button to Dropbox integration. It’s planning made easy. www.calendar42.com


Crimsonbase develops software for molecular biology by incorporating friendly and intelligent features through user-wide knowledge exchange. Their QuickGene software application is aimed at DNA Analysis – a must-have for every molecular biologist. www.crimsonbase.com


Genalice works in the field of high volume DNA analysis. Their newly developed technology enables fast and effective correlation of large amounts of DNA-profiles with diagnoses and treatment results. www.genalice.com


Infotron works from the idea that spreadsheets can pose a risk to companies because they are used in 90% of strategic decisions. Their application Breviz analyzes them making you spot errors easily hence creating less risky and more efficient spreadsheets. www.infotron.nl


Lipperhey is an online service that analyses and assesses websites on quality and findability with the most important search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It does so in an objective manner based on pre-formulated guidelines. www.lipperhey.com


Moneybird enables customers to create, send and manage invoices on the web without the use of Word or Excel. www.moneybird.com


Press Page is the leading supplier of search-engine-optimized social media newsroom technology. Their technology can be branded easily and integrated seamlessly into existing corporate websites. They enable today’s brands to become tomorrow’s publishers. www.presspage.com


Peperzaken is a full-service app developer and a strategic partner for companies that want to work on a mobile future. Focusing primarily on B2B, B2E, and B2C apps, innovation is at the core of this company. www.peperzaken.nl


Timescapers is a company that designs and markets a next-generation personalized time-management and integrated web-based software service. Their product distinguishes itself through personalized analytics, on-site integration with existing business processes and user-friendly training. www.timescapers.com


Virtualock is a company that delivers an ingenious safety software system for laptops. Their software application locks and protects your laptop when you leave it unattended. It works everywhere and uses Wi-Fi localization to create a network of Virtualock users in your vicinity to watch over your laptop. www.virtualock.com


Voys is an exciting and innovative company in the field of VoIP. Their platform allows customers to tweak, renew, and create a platform to their liking, modifying telecom systems to function the way a company wants to use them. Voys is one of the biggest operators in the field of hosted telecom and continues to expand its service offerings. www.voys.nl

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