2010 Startup Bootcamp Participants


Auxilium provides businesses with software solutions relevant to their management issues and links them to their current systems, allowing for more cost-effective, easier, and quicker business operations. www.auxilium.nl


Blue4Green is a young and innovative company that generates quick and effective diagnosing technology for animals. With their technology professionals can diagnose an animal directly, creating greater opportunities for preventive interference. www.blue4green.com


Caase.com is a company that advises, implements, and manages cloud computing solutions. It supports customers in designing and creating collaboration, functionality with business apps and portals, flexibility, management, mobility, and cost reduction. Caase.com works in partnership with Google and Microsoft. www.caase.com


Event management is made easy by Eventilo.com. Their product allows customers to create, organize, and manage events while handling payments, creating badges, sending invitations, and much more. www.eventilo.com


Green Parking offers a affordable and environmentally-friendly means of parking. This ICT company builds its own software applications, while being active in the field of IT and ISV software solutions. Green Parking partners with Parkingware, with which they share parking technology. www.greenparking.com


With their “brand tracker monitoring tool,” Loggoo.com provides insight into the reach of brands all around the world. Loggoo is unique in its ability to matching of brand names and logos both visuall and textually, allowing them to offer a full and relevant insight into online brand reach. www.loggoo.com


Medimate aims at introducing and developing solutions for medical professionals, patients, and researchers by using a unique and handy measuring device called the Medimate Multireader. Newer, more efficient forms of providing healthcare are coming in reach of medical professionals which will greatly improve patient’s quality of life. www.medimate.com


Multimove offers multiple internet applications and solutions from tweaking and adapting your website to the right audience to web tools and web applications such as their Content Management System. www.multimove.nl


Next Scan Technology is a company that offers discriminating technology to reinvent the best-of-class material processing. Based on proven engineering concepts, they have developed a polygon scanner for ultra-fast lasers focused on demanding high-volume manufacturing. www.nextscantechnology.com


Parkingware delivers worldwide solutions to access control for paid and free parking. These solutions create more parking safety, cost reductions, simpler management, improved user friendliness, and new market opportunities for parking managers. www.parkingware.com


Smart Position executes software development for large projects together with professional engineers. They operate in the field of advanced track and tracing applications. www.smartposition.nl


Solmate’s product portfolio currently counts two single wafer processing systems, both using the same PLD technology on a similar platform. They can assist customers with any service or support questions, ranging from demo requests to on-site process integration. www.piezoflare.com


Viddix is a new, exciting video platform that allows you to connect all kinds of web content to your videos. This way you can really interact with your audience and deliver your messages more effectively. www.viddix.com


Webba is a young, modern, and progressive company offering a wide range of services, including logo and brand design, website development, graphic design, online media, and marketing. www.webba.nl


Ytecmedical is a young, dynamic company which possesses specialist IT medical knowledge. The company aims to bring together design, development, and implementation of IT in medical institutions, allowing them to remain progressive and innovative. www.ytecmedical.com

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